GoldSilver Central Pte Ltd, a Singapore registered company since 2011 specialises in physical bullion trading in gold, silver and platinum at real-time pricing, industry bullion supply, bullion buying and selling, collateral loan and secured storage under GoldSilver Central’s Bullion Storage Program at the Singapore Freeport.

GoldSilver Central has been awarded Authorised Distributorship for Perth Mint and TianXinYang products and as the Authorised Dealer for the Perth Mint Depository Online and the Perth Mint Certificate Program.

Currently, GoldSilver Central is a member of the Singapore Bullion Market Association (SBMA), formed in 1993 to support Singapore’s goal to be a physical bullion hub in Southeast Asia. The organization has an integral role of being the connection and promotion of Asian bullion market on an international scale.


We provide a wide range of pure physical gold, silver and platinum in the forms of bars and coins.

Freeport Storage

Working closely with global storage experts, we offer you a prime destination located in a Tax Free zone for your storage needs.

Perth Mint Storage Programs

As a preferred distributor of the Perth Mint Storage Programs, we offer government backed gold, silver and platinum programs.

See our full range of Platinum products