Platinum: An Introduction

A key distinctive precious metals investment asset that is 30 times rarer than Gold, with similar diversifying properties.
We’ll cover how & why platinum investment may suit your requirements in both the balance sheet &
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4 Main Global Demands Drivers of Platinum

37 - 42%

Platinum demand from auto catlysts equate to 37 to 42% of total platinum demand in the last 5 years. Platinum demand from autocatalyst is strong & steady and will remain the forefront of lowering diesel emissions for many years to come. It plays a crucial catalytic role in fuel cell electric vehicles.

18 - 24%

Platinum is one of the key elements required in many industrial applications as it improves chemical process efficiency and increases media storage capacity globally. Platinum is the only material suitable for electrodes required in the 600,000 pacemakers implanted each year.

31 - 38%

65% of annual demand belongs to China, making it the world’s largest market for jewellery. In America, Platinum reigns as the number 1 choice for engagement rings and is a prime choice in Japan for generations of brides and grooms.

2 - 11%

2016 witnessed a strong investment demand (up by 15%). Japanese investors have been scooping up the opportunity of lowered Platinum prices with high levels of buying seen especially in 2015.

koz of Platinum bought by Japan Investors in 2016

oz 2017 Deficit Forecast
for Platinum

years since it
was cheaper than Gold

Platinum is severely undervalued.


On the price softness of Platinum: it is being treated as a surplus industrial commodity.

This is heavily misinterpretated because Platinum is NOT in surplus, and in fact, the market faces a deficit.

Investors are viewing this heavy discount of Platinum (as compared to Gold) temporary and significant.

Supply-Demand Balance, koz, Q2 2016

Total Supply




Total Demand


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